Who, What, & How

How we do it

TESC facilitates anti-epileptic therapy development

We represent a unique collaboration of Investigators, Foundations and Industry devoted to the improvement of epilepsy patients’ lives through research.

  • Brings world-renowned experts to antiepileptic drug therapeutics, and clinical trial design
  • Harnesses vast epilepsy expertise via partnering of 41 major epilepsy centers & 22 consulting epilepsy advisors
  • Has unparalleled experience having participated in more than 80 clinical epilepsy trials, often with new measures, methods and breakthroughs
  • Creates scientific advisory boards or independent consulting activity, including seizure or CNS issues in non-epilepsy drugs
  • Develops proof-of-principle client protocols in collaboration with the Consortium Members and Advisors
  • Adapts a constantly modernized library of the most current concepts in trial design
  • Focuses outcomes testing to best determine the potential usefulness of a molecule in development
  • Accesses clinical sites with highly specialized epilepsy programs and large outpatient affiliated practices
  • Mobilizes members rapidly for expert advisory boards providing direction to sponsors.
  • Facilitates interactions with study coordinators to optimize and harmonize recruitment techniques and procedures between sites
  • Assists rapid recruitment of patients for early clinical studies. These often require very specific and difficult-to-recruit populations.
  • Works with epilepsy clinical trial developers to continually advance the clarity and incisiveness of routine administrative reporting forms
  • Enhances trial effective strategies in patient reported outcomes and health economics
  • Develops and reviews study specific screening documents to ensure appropriate subjects are enrolled in epilepsy trials and seizures are classified correctly