Who, What, & How

Benefits of Epilepsy Study Consortium Membership

Build the future! Accelerate epilepsy research!

  • Partner in cutting edge research:
    • Novel designs and methodologies
    • Innovative epilepsy treatments
    • New devices and drugs
  • Offer your patients the newest in investigational epilepsy therapy
  • Collaborate with other centers, industry and regulatory agencies
  • Build a more intellectually stimulating practice.

Epilepsy Study Consortium Value-Added Services for Pharmaceutical Companies

  • TESC Investigators are experienced and knowledgeable in the conduct of epilepsy trials
  • TESC Sites are specialized epilepsy centers with epilepsy patient populations large enough even for difficult-to-recruit populations
  • Sites focus on recruitment strategies enabling careful patient selection to successfully meet recruitment goals
  • We provide assistance with source documents and case report forms continually updated from previously successful templates
  • TESC provides on-site training which improves consistency among sites, enhancing quality of the data.
    • We present at Investigator Meetings
    • We use Educational & Diagnostic Screening Tools
    • We use Interactive Online Quizzes
    • We use Seizure Identification Forms & Videos to ensure enrollment of appropriate and well-classified subjects

If you are interested in working with the Epilepsy Consortium for your clinical trial, contact us