Who, What, & How

Our Mission

The Epilepsy Study Consortium (TESC) is a group of scientific investigators from academic medical research centers who are dedicated to accelerating the development of new therapies in epilepsy to improve patient care. The organization’s goals include building a partnership between academics, industry and regulatory agencies and optimizing clinical trial methodology in order to responsibly speed new treatments to patients.

Who We Are

The Epilepsy Study Consortium consists of:

  • A Central Administrative Core working with companies on various trial-related projects
  • Academic Epileptologist Consortium Members providing advice and consultation and also serving as site investigators. Members treat patients with epilepsy in many of the most prestigious medical centers and are experts in anti-epileptic drug therapeutics.

We collectively believe that it is critically important to quickly discover new and effective therapies to improve care for patients with epilepsy — as rapidly as possible. We believe that epilepsy patient care can be advanced through innovative clinical trial design and biostatistical methodology.